Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends | Marjorie Taylor  Green's Account.

Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends | Marjorie Taylor Green's Account.

 MP Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a press conference after visiting Holocaust Museum on June 4, 2021, a trip during which she first learned that the Holocaust is bad.MP Marjorie Taylor Green speaks at a press conference after visiting the Holocaust Museum on June 14, 2021, during which she first learned that the Holocaust was bad.Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends | Marjorie Taylor  Green's Account.

Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends | Marjorie Taylor  Green's Account
Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends | Marjorie Taylor  Green's Account

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor  Green’s Account

According to a new Twitter report, right-wing Congressman Marjorie Taylor Green has been suspended for spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines. CNN. How long will Green be thrown off the platform? According to the cable news agency, a full 12 hours. She must teach this.

 Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends 

Green, a Georgia Republican, has sparked controversy over her highly unorthodox views on climate change and firearms. But it is their views on vaccinations that have received the most attention in recent months, as there is widespread scepticism about vaccinations among supporters of former President Donald Trump.


Twitter described Green's two tweets as misleading, although it's unclear if any of those tweets ultimately paused them.


"This is why no company should impose vaccines or masks that are not FDA approved. Instead, help people protect their health by defeating obesity, which will protect them from complications and death from Covid-19 and many other health problems. We must invest in health, not in human experimentation," Green tweeted. Monday.


The FDA has approved several emergency vaccines, and all vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson have proven safe and effective.


And, despite Green's suggestion, obesity is far from the only risk factor for death from Covid-19. Many perfectly healthy people have died from the coronavirus, and almost all Covid deaths are now unvaccinated, they said. Associated Press.

 Tweets Against Vaccine and Twitter Suspends 

"The controversial # COVID19 vaccines should not be imposed on our military because of a virus that is not dangerous to non-obese people and people under 65. A mandate for everyone," Green said in another misleading tweet on Monday.


While the CDC reports that 6,079 deaths were reported among people who received the Covid-19 vaccine, this percentage is not just tiny, but 0.0018%, it has not been confirmed that the vaccine caused these deaths. Your risk of dying from Covid-19 for Americans far outweighs that of the vaccine, although we assume that every death reported to the CDC was a direct result of a side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine.

 Marjorie Taylor  Green's Account

Twitter did not immediately respond to questions about the suspension late Monday. So the question remains whether Green will forcefully delete her fake tweets before getting her account back.


Green will undoubtedly play the victim on Twitter when she returns to the platform, which she does all the time, sometimes falling into the trap of anti-Semitic stereotypes. A congressman once even blamed wildfires on Jewish space lasers.


"These big tech companies are following the Biden regime's commandments to restrict our voices and prevent the spread of news that is not approved by the state," Green said. New York Times.


The United States is seeing a resurgence of Covid-19 as the Delta variant spreads across the country and is exposed to unvaccinated people. And the people least likely to be vaccinated are the very people who believe in Deputy Green's bullshit.


Since the pandemic's start last year, the country has recorded over 34.1 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 609,000 deaths. As cases rise across the country, there will be many more unvaccinated deaths by the end of the year.


A Member of the US Parliament, who spoke in favour of the impeachment of Biden, was blocked on Twitter.


The administration of the social network Twitter has temporarily blocked a member of the US House of Representatives, Republican from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Green, access to her account, reports NBC News.


According to the TV channel, access is blocked for 12 hours for violations of the social network policy. In addition, some of Green's social media posts are restricted and have warning labels.


Twitter's rules state that the company "will flag or remove false or misleading information intended to undermine public confidence in an election or other civil process," NBC News recalls.

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor  Green's

The parliamentarian announced her intention to submit to Congress for consideration a draft resolution on the impeachment of President-elect of the United States Joseph Biden. Earlier, she spoke in support of Donald Trump's intentions to challenge the results of the presidential elections in the country.


Several American media outlets associate the restriction of the parliamentarian's access to the account with her comments a few years ago about the QAnon conspiracy theory. However, NBC News recalls that Green has changed her mind about QAnon.


In connection with the situation, Green accused Twitter of suppressing conservative political views. "The monopoly position that some large technology companies are demonstrating within the American political discourse has gotten out of control," Reuters quoted the parliamentarian as saying.

Marjorie Taylor  Green's Account and

Meanwhile, in early January, the Twitter administration permanently blocked Trump's account.